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Currency Trading with the BForex iPhone App

October 23, 2015

Pablo Soria de Lachica has spent more than seven years with BForex, Ltd., in the position of director of business development. With the help and guidance of Pablo Soria de Lachica, BForex has introduced a number of new tools for investors, including a unique iPhone trading app.

BForex clients using the company’s new iPhone application enjoy a number of benefits, specifically, the ability to use the advanced, foreign exchange trading platform PROfit while on the go. BForex clients on the iPhone can monitor their trade accounts, review live quotes on multiple currencies, and manage their positions on potential trades at any time.

Registered BForex users can download the app from the Apple App Store free of charge. The app, which also provides users with up-to-date financial news and information, can be used on additional Apple devices, such as the iPad. BForex customers can receive app support by emailing or calling the company or by using the app’s live chat feature. To learn more about the BForex trading app, visit

Small Business Market Analysis and Business Plans

October 2, 2015

An executive with currency trading firm BForex, Pablo Soria de Lachica serves as its director of business development and director of new projects. Pablo Soria de Lachica, a master of business administration graduate of Universidad Tecnologica de Mexico, specializes in a number of different industry areas, like market analysis.

Although market analysis is important for businesses of any size, it is especially vital for small businesses, as they often lack the backup capital to sustain themselves if profits are lower than expected after opening. To that end, market analysis should be the foundation of the small business’s plan on which other pillars of its strategy are built.

Any successful marketing analysis includes information on the customer base, area, and main competition. For instance, the customer base will help determine if a business can actually succeed in the location it has chosen, how many potential customers exist, and their purchasing power. When researching its competition, a small business should pursue the goals of identifying the current market saturation and the potential profits it can reasonably expect.

Beyond market analysis, a successful business plan depends on the type of small business it is designed for. In addition to the standard business plan, other types include the startup, which accounts for additional costs and milestones, and the lean plan, which does not include summaries or other similar information and can be quickly adjusted as circumstances require.